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THALIKKOOTAM: (Kamizhthi and Malarthi) A Special Namboothiri Ornament,Which come's in 2 Varient's(design's)..the Kamizhthi thali and Malarthi thali.Different Section's of the Namboothiri Community prefer to wear a Particular Design.The Thalikkootam is a Graceful Ornament.Its Sophisticated and Obscure Arimbu Design Work makes it Attractive to the Young and Old alike. The Kamizhthi thali looks like a very fine leaf fixed upside down on a Gold Thread,Strung with 'Mani'.The Leaf will have fine Arimbu Work at the end to make it look attractive. The Malarthi thali on the Other side has the Thali shaped like a leaf inverted/upturned which is also strung on Gold Thread with Mani.